Cape Town, South Africa

Exam Workshop for Students

This workshop builds on the .b and .breathe courses. It helps to remind students that stress is a normal, human response to a challenging situation. In some situations stress can be helpful. e.g. a surge of adrenaline to help us jump out of the way of an oncoming car. But when the “threats” are not life-threatening, such as an upcoming exam, stress can have a negative effect on us.

The session lasts an hour and includes a fun quiz as well as new mindfulness practices that students can use during the exam period to help them cope better with stress or anxiety.

In a nutshell...


This one hour session helps students to use mindfulness as a way to manage possible stress around exams.


Grade 7 – 9 students who have completed either the .b or .breathe course.


This session is best delivered in the classroom, one class at a time.

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