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My name is Bianca Browne and I work in Cape Town as a mindfulness teacher. One of my focus areas is offering mindfulness-based programs in an Education setting for both staff and students. Another key focus area of mine is offering mindfulness-based programs in under-served communities such as Langa Township in Cape Town.

I am a trained MBSR teacher (Mindfulness Network in association with Bangor University, UK) and a trained Dot B teacher (Mindfulness for children – Mindfulness in Schools, UK). I am a professional member of IMISA and I am currently busy with a Masters (MPhil in Mindfulness) through Stellenbosch University.

”Daily cultivation of moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness, or mindfulness, can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing, on our symptoms, our anxious thoughts and emotions, our body, and our relationships at home, at work and beyond.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

We all experience stress – adults and children. It is a part of being human. In some situations it can be helpful. e.g. a surge of adrenaline to help us jump out of the way of an oncoming car. But when the “threats” are not life-threatening such as an upcoming exam or a challenging relationship, and the body is still flooded with stress hormones, this is when stress can have a negative effect on us – physically and psychologically.

Mindfulness offers us a way to change our relationship to stress. A participatory way in which we can contribute to our own psychological and physical wellbeing. A way in which both adults and children can ease the effects of stress on the body and mind.

In recent years, the number of research projects investigating mindfulness has grown exponentially, scientifically validating the benefits of this practice.

The Benefits


Increased calm

Better able to manage stress and anxiety

Increased self-awareness

Natural conflict resolution skills

Better relationships and understanding of others

Improved self-regulation and impulse control

Physical wellbeing and improved sleep quality

Improved focus and concentration

The Benefits

Teachers and Parents

A reduction in stress, burnout and anxiety

A reduction in the sense of task and time pressure

Increased self-awareness

Better attuned to their students' needs

Better able to nurture a learning community where students can flourish academically, emotionally and socially

Have healthier relationships at work and home

Improved self-regulation and impulse control

Better able to maintain emotional balance

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